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We Help You Give Back to the Community
Giving back to your local community is a positive experience that everyone should participate in sometime in their life.  By collaborating with the team at Green Hat Electronics, making a positive impact has never been easier!  We help local San Diego schools, churches and non-profits organize and host their very own document shredding and electronics recycling events.  At these events, members of the community can bring their old computer hardware and outdated documents for responsible electronics disposal and paper shredding services.
Fundraisers with a Positive Impact
Everybody wins through a Green Hat Electronics recycling event.  The organization hosting the event simply schedules a date, and then Green Hat Electronics takes care of all the logistics.  We handle the promotion, set-up, execution and break down of your upcoming event, all you provide is a venue and a date for your fundraiser!
After the event, we give you a percentage of the total profits based on the total weight of the electronics collected, the number of papers shredded, and the donations collected during the event.  Clients are given a minimum of $500 per-event they host, on average you can expect to make between $800-$1,250 per event.

Responsible Electronic Recycling

During a Green Hat Electronics recycling event, we recycle two different materials: electronics and paper. Here is a further explanation of what you can expect below:

Document Shredding
Perfect for getting rid of outdated records and documentation that is collecting dust in the back of your closet! Green Hat Electronics does document shredding on the day of    the event.
Electronics Recycling
In the form of donating or safe electronics disposal, we take your old electronics and find an appropriate use for them, rather than disposing of them in a landfill.