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The electronics recycling market has been hit with many
different obstacles making the overall market less profitable especially in
the last 2 years. Many recyclers have dropped out of the industry altogether.
Green Hat Electronics still holds our core initiative of being a social
enterprise, but we must charge a fee for those items that the
recyclers are charging us for or we will not be able to maintain our business.

Electronics Accepted for a FEE:

Microwaves - $5.00 each •  Mini-Fridges - $10 each

•  Printers  •  Vacuums  •  Stereo Systems  •  Speakers (per set)

•  DVD Players •  Small Household Appliances - $2.00 each  

FREE Electronics Accepted:

 •  Notebooks  •  Computer Accessories  

• Telephones  •  Laptops  •  Cell Phones  •  Computers

•  Plasmas • Televisions  •  LCD monitors  •  Servers

   • Uninterruptible Power Supplies  •  Car Batteries  •  Cords & Wires

Shredding Accepted:

•All Paper  •  File Folders  •  Computer Paper  •  Notepads  •  Check Books

•  Envelopes  •  Hanging Files  •  Magazines

PLEASE NOTE: Paper Shredding - $5/ file box (Box Size - 12"x10"x15")
All paper is shred onsite at the end of each day. Please check your event for the
estimated arrival time of the shred truck if you would like to observe your paper being shred.
Otherwise, the paper is locked in 96 gallon bins and not unlocked until the truck arrives.
The bins are lifted by a conveyor belt into the truck and dumped
into the shred blades We use the cross cut - tear method which is the most
secure method for paper shredding.

Items NOT Accepted:

• X-Rays •  Food/Wrappers  •  Thick Metal  •  Printer Cartridges

•  Corrugated Cardboard •  Large Quantities of Plastic  •  Non-Recyclable Materials  •  Light Bulbs  •  Batteries • Smoke Detectors 

•  Large Appliances   •   Exercise Equipment