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Collaborating with Green Hat Electronics is a fun and creative way to fundraise!
Green Hat Electronics organizes and hosts electronic recycling and document shredding events for schools, churches and non-profit organizations throughout San Diego County.  We are currently in the process of filling out our 2018 event calendar.  As you might expect, this means we are looking for venues to conduct our document shredding services and electronic recycling and disposal.

Why Electronic Recycling and Document Shredding?

Green Hat Electronics’ was founded by Jennifer Zouvas.  Before becoming passionate about electronic recycling and disposal, Jennifer worked in the Parking industry for 20 years.  As she describes it, selling and managing parking was a thankless job, the work never truly felt rewarding.  Rather than being complacent, Jennifer decided to find work that she was truly passionate about.
Her work at Green Hat Electronics was a breath of fresh air.  Jennifer noticed there weren’t many companies that offered safe electronic recycling or document shredding services, committing to the industry came naturally! The general vibe at a Green Hat Electronics event is positive, and nothing is more rewarding than giving back to the local community!

How Does My Organization Benefit From Hosting an Event?

Hosting a Green Hat Electronics event is simple, beneficial to your organization and fun!  Organizations that collaborate with Green Hat Electronics can expect to make anywhere between $500-$1,250 from hosting!
The benefits don’t stop at just the financial opportunity.   By hosting, you are offering your local community a much needed service.   Did you know that the average American household has three computers?  There is no doubt that most people you know have some form of outdated technology.  Hosting a Green Hat Electronics event offers your neighbors, friends and family an opportunity to have access to safe electronic recycling and disposal, as well as confidential document shredding services!  What better way to give back to your community than to assist in saving the environment?